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A Recap of the 2023 Construction Season

From sanitary sewer upgrades to the installation of utility vaults and storm sewer lines, Cortland has witnessed a flurry of activity during the Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

Downtown Cortland has undergone a significant facelift during the 2023 construction season, with a focus on infrastructure improvements beneath the surface. From sanitary sewer upgrades to the installation of utility vaults and storm sewer lines, the community has witnessed a flurry of activity aimed at enhancing the city's core.

The construction is part of the City of Cortland’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative, which is being funded in part by a $10 million dollar grant awarded by the State of New York. The vision includes 1) Updating infrastructure that integrates technology and sustainability to address 21st Century needs, 2) Building a complete downtown neighborhood that includes housing for all demographics, retail shopping, job availability, access to everyday goods and services and more, and 3) Expanding the arts, music, sports and recreation based creative economy.

Construction activities on both Main Street and Groton Ave have been suspended as the winter approaches, with construction expected to resume in early spring, weather permitting. In the meantime, let's take a closer look at the key developments on Main Street and Groton Ave, shedding light on the progress made and what lies ahead for 2024.


The heart of downtown, Main Street, has been buzzing with construction activity throughout 2023. Notable achievements include the completion of sanitary sewer lines stretching from Clinton Ave to Tompkins Street. Additionally, crews installed sanitary sewer laterals and water mains, ensuring a robust and modernized infrastructure.

Street lights along Main Street were temporarily removed to make way for essential work, but were replaced with temporary lights to maintain visibility and safety during the winter months. Many utility vaults have been rehabilitated or filled, with work continuing in 2024, and storm sewer lines and connections have been skillfully integrated into the existing framework.

A fresh coat of temporary asphalt was added to close the 2023 season, complemented by newly painted traffic markings to allow the community to navigate the upcoming winter.


The Main Street improvements are laying the groundwork for an exciting array of projects scheduled for 2024. Anticipate further utility work, sidewalk removal and installation, curb enhancements, road boxing and changes in road grade. The introduction of new street lighting and the installation of fiber optic lines are also on the horizon. The community will also witness the creation, display and maintenance of public art in downtown.

While Main Street is slated to become a two-way main thoroughfare, it will remain one-way for the winter to accommodate ongoing construction activities. Please note, that minor utility work projects may continue during the colder months to remain on schedule.


Groton Ave has seen its own share of transformative changes. Phase I of the project, encompassing the installation of sanitary and sewer mains from Main Street to Homer Ave, has been successfully completed. Crews have also installed sanitary sewer laterals along the same stretch.


The city's commitment to infrastructure improvements is evident, and the anticipation of future projects promises continued enhancements for residents and visitors alike. Stay up-to-date on downtown Cortland's transformation by subscribing to Crown City E-News and following @crowncityrising on Facebook and Instagram.



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