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Project Updates

Check back regularly for the most up-to-date information about the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI). Please note, all detours and construction activity is subject to weather and other related variables.

Main Street

Main Street Construction

Week of May 22, 2023

There will be multiple projects happening simultaneously -


Installation of water mains continues at the intersection of Main Street, Tompkins Street, Port Watson Street and South Main Street. Flaggers will be controlling traffic on Port Watson and Tompkins. Parking on the West Side of Main is restricted.


Vault work will continue along both sides of Main Street, which may require intermittent sidewalk closures.

*All work is subject to weather.

Clinton Avenue

Week of May 22, 2023

Work has resumed to complete the final phase of the Clinton Avenue Gateway Construction Project, including -


  • Completion of the bioretention plantings and concrete pavers. See below for mature plant imagery.

  • Proceed with colored crosswalks on May 3

  • The week of May 1 will see the completion of the final striping between Greenbush Street and Main Street

  • Clean up of the corridor will continue, and remaining items will be checked off, including -

    • Adjusting drainage basin hoods;

    • Verifying all utility covers and pull boxes are installed and flush to the finished ground;

    • Complete all driveway asphalt;

    • Topsoil all remaining areas;

    • Hydroseed all remaining areas;

    • Final sweep and clean roadway, all sidewalks, and all properties to condition as goo or better than pre-construction; and

    • Any and all other work related to final project completion.

Groton Avenue

No current updates are available.

City of Cortland Road Projects

Week of May 22, 2023 

The Cortland Department of Public Works (DPW) will begin milling. Anticipate the milling process to take approximately two weeks, followed by paving in July. Please note, all dates are subject to change based on weather conditions.

  • Woodland Avenue                                  

  • Circle Drive

  • Cleveland Avenue

  • North Franklin Street

  • East Garfield

  • East Avenue

  • Argyle Street

  • Union Street

  • Prospect Terrace from the intersection of Graham Avenue to Tompkins Street

  • Joseph Street

Participating Organizations

City of Cortland New York
Cortland County Business Development Corporation Industrial Development Agency
Cortland Area Chamber of Commerce
Experience Cortland County Convention and Visitors Bureau
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