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NYSEG Gas Main Replacement Updates

Updated: Jan 20

Your go-to resource for information about the NYSEG Gas Main Replacement Project.

Check back regularly for the most up-to-date information about the NYSEG Gas Main Replacement project. Please note, all detours and construction activity is subject to weather and other related variables.


The DDS paving restoration crew is continuing to restore pavement and concrete that was disturbed as part of this summer’s planned gas line and gas service replacements. Crews are working in the vicinity of Haskell Place, West Court, and Court Street for the remainder of this week (Sept. 7-9) and are expected to continue into the week of Sept. 12.


Gas main and paving restoration work will continue at the intersection of Main, Port Watson and Tompkins Streets the week of August 22 with limited traffic impacts.

Work will ramp up on Route 281 next week, Drivers should expect delays and alternating lanes of travel. Local motorists are urged to avoid Route 281 between Fisher Ave in Cortland and Copeland in Homer during this time.


There will be several projects happening simultaneously on Wednesday, August 17 -

  • DDS crews will continue with the installation of a new gas main at the intersection of Main and Port Watson Street, traffic will be redirected as needed with flaggers on site.

  • Simultaneously DDS pavement and sidewalk restoration work will continue along the West Side of Main Street between Central Ave and Court Street.

  • Additional paving restoration work will occur on Haskell Place between Orchard Street and West Court Street. Parking and access will be limited during construction.

  • CCI will continue excavating test pits on Central Ave as well as additional digging at the intersection of Main and Court Street; parking restrictions and lane closures will be in effect.

  • Gas main replacement is underway on Route 281 between Fischer Ave and the Village of Homer.


DDS will pick back up installing the gas main on Main Street on Monday, August 8. They will work toward the North side of Tompkins Street, keeping the traffic light on with a lane shift. Once the Tompkins Street leg is installed, they will then move back to Main/Port Watson Street working toward the Port Watson Street crossing.

Phasing plan for Port Watson intersection

Frequently Asked Questions About this Portion of the Project

What is the plan for lane closures?

DDS will utilize lane shifts as much as possible to keep traffic flowing. Anticipate a lane closure at the Port Watson crossing, more specifically as they reach the centerline of the road.

What lanes will be affected and for how long?

Traffic will be shifted to the South as they move through the project.

Is there a plan in place to allow emergency vehicles through?

All emergency respondents will be contacted the morning and afternoon of the traffic light being taken over.

Will there be signage in place and a cone placement plan?

Typical traffic signs and cones will be in place.

When will traffic lights be taken over and for how long?

Anticipate the traffic light being taken over on Thursday, August 11. This is dependent on progression and unknown obstacles.

How many flaggers will there be and where?

When the light is off, there will be five (5) flaggers onsite. One flagger at each inlet/outlet and one working as the “floater/relief person”.

What means and methods will they use for directing traffic?

Expect the typical signs, cones and stop/slow paddles.


Two construction crews are currently working on the following -

Gas Crew

  • Currently working on W Court Street. Expect a ROAD CLOSURE between Main Street and Monroe Heights.

  • Work will take place in the Haskell parking lot starting Thursday, July 7. There will be NO PARKING AVAILABLE for approximately two days.

Restoration Crew

  • Working on asphalt restoration on Main Street between Clinton and Central Avenue. There will be a lane shift and flaggers at the intersection of Groton Avenue and Central Avenue.

  • Anticipate a SHORT ROAD CLOSURE on Central Avenue for asphalt work on Wednesday, July 6.

  • On Thursday, July 7, the crew will work on temporary asphalt in the sidewalk areas where the services were installed.

Please note, all detours and construction activity is contingent upon the weather.


The Gas Crew is currently progressing into the parking lot at Haskell Place. It will take approximately two days to complete. PARKING WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE DURING CONSTRUCTION. Crews will also be working to energize Main(s) for approximately three days, and begin service work on Court Street and Main Street.

The Restoration Crew is currently working on asphalt restoration ending at Central Avenue. It will take approximately two days to complete.

Please note, all detours and construction activity is contingent upon the weather.


The Gas Crew is currently working on Court Street - expect single lane closure. They will be working from the Church Street intersection heading west towards Main Street. Anticipate one more day - possibly two - until they are working at the Main Street intersection.

The Restoration Crew is currently working on asphalt restoration on Lincoln Avenue heading east towards the intersection at Main Street, then on Main Street. Milling cutbacks and overlay topcoat asphalt.

It is important to note that on Tuesday, June 28 the crew will be working on binder restoration at the intersection of Main Street, Groton Avenue and Clinton Ave. It will be flagger controlled during these operations.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, construction crews have closed Court Street between Church and Main Street until further notice. The road will re-open with a lane closure.


Crews will be working at the intersection of Court and Church Street on Wednesday, June 22nd heading towards Main Street, a lane closure will be in effect on Court Street.

Additionally, crews will be paving on Fischer Avenue.


Expect parking restrictions and traffic to be reduced to one lane as gas main installation continues on the east side of Main Street between Court Street and Clayton Avenue.


Construction crews installing the gas main anticipate reaching the Court Street and Main Street intersection on Wednesday (dependent on existing utilities), which has already been coordinated with the city.

Expect the Court Street traffic signal to be off starting Wednesday with flaggers at each outlet/inlet directing traffic.


The east side of Main Street will be reduced to one lane between Central Avenue and Court Street. Expect limited parking between Orchard Street and Court Street.


Beginning Wednesday, June 8th DDS crews will begin gas line installation on Fisher Ave between Homer and Cortland. Traffic will be reduced to one lane, expect delays.

Meanwhile, work continues to install new gas services to buildings in and around Main Street. Expect on-street parking restrictions and alternating lane closures along Main Street.


Crews will be continuing work on the natural gas infrastructure. Construction crews will be at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and North Main as well as Groton Avenue near the intersection of Main Street. Roads will remain open, but expect shifting lane closures.


Starting Thursday, May 19th construction crews will begin installing the gas main along the east side of the city parking lot between Groton Avenue and Orchard Street. Parking restrictions will be in place, but there will still be parking available in the City lot to service neighboring businesses such as the Hollywood restaurant, Los Lagos, the Community, The Cortland Elks Club, and other nearby establishments.

Main Street parking will be available, however, expect limited parking restrictions in the coming weeks.


Updated road closures for the week of May 16 are as followers. Please note, after working hours these roads will be opened to the public through the evening hours -

Road Closures:
  • Orchard Street, from Main Street to Haskell Place, will be CLOSED starting Monday, May 16 through Tuesday, May 17. Traffic will still flow through Haskell and Hollywood parking lots.

  • Central Avenue will be CLOSED for traffic turning off of Main Street starting Tuesday, May 17 through Wednesday, May 18.


As part of ongoing plans to update the local natural gas distribution system, NYSEG, and its partner, DDS Construction have resumed the replacement of gas lines throughout Cortland.

Tentative Schedule:
  • Phase 1, April 25 to June 25: Lincoln Avenue to Central Avenue and City Parking Lot

  • Phase 2a, May 16 to July 16: Court Street and West Court Street

  • Phase 2, May 30 to July 30: Central Avenue and Port Watson

  • Phase 3, June 30 to August 30: Port Watson/Tompkins Street and Main Street Intersection

Please note, the schedule is subject to change due to weather and unforeseen conditions.

NYSEG Tentative Schedule

Work commenced on Lincoln Avenue at the end of April and is now continuing on North Main Street. The phased replacements will impact the east side of Main Street up to the intersection of Central Avenue. Phase 1 will also impact the City-owned parking lot between Groton Avenue and Orchard Street.

Moving forward work will continue down Main Street into the intersection of Tompkins and Port Watson Streets. Court Street will also be impacted as the work progresses.

Parking on the West side of Main Street will be impacted at various times throughout the project.

Parking Options:
  • Utilize City-owned parking lots between Orchard Street and Groton Avenue

  • City-owned parking lots between Court Street and Port Watson Street

The street closures and traffic detours will be modified as the work progresses, and efforts are being made to make accommodations for those working and visiting downtown Cortland.

The utility work comes ahead of the planned reconstruction of Main Street which includes a two-year process to replace and upgrade all public utilities as well as new streetscape work and the conversion of Main Street from a one-way street to two-way traffic. Click here for more information about the Cortland Revitalization Project.

Please note, all detours and construction activity is subject to weather and other related variables.


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